posted Monday April 20, 2009 by JoshWay

posted Friday March 6, 2009 by JoshWay
This was a test run of UStream's live broadcast service. I'll be going live the next time I draw a strip.

posted Thursday February 12, 2009 by JoshWay

Just released two new iRiffs-exclusive shorts, available together for only $.99!  "You and Your Work" is the story of a shoe salesman with a stick up his butt and "Bus Nut" is about a little girl who really really REALLY likes her schoolbus. Total running time is 19 minutes. Check us out, won't we?
posted Wednesday January 7, 2009 by JoshWay

I have received and approved the proof copies of the new "Fun With Flicks" DVDs, which are now available in Amazon's CreateSpace store. Click the image above or right here for more details and purchase links. The four volumes of shorts will be available very soon.
posted Monday December 1, 2008 by JoshWay
It took a while, but I've finally added a storyline jumper to the site. Beneath the strip in the normal daily comic view, you'll find a dropdown menu with quick access to the 41 storylines we've covered thus far.

That is all.

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